Burr Bit – Small – Medium Grit – Russian Mani

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We named this bit the 'Burr' -aptly, because it was called a cuticle bit by manufacturers- BUT its not designed for the cuticle on the nail plate, its intended for the Eponychium, the hard excess keratinous skin above the nail plate.
This bit is a Fine to medium grit, small metal 'ball shaped', bit, approx 1.5mm wide, used for hard skin & Eponychium clean up, or removing loose cuticle thats been lifted from the nail plate, other bits in our range are also capable of doing this job- its personal preference! 
NOT for the natural nail as it will score welts in the nail plate. Refer to your e-file training or Russian manicure training for use as you will know how important the correct use of these bits are. Due to the nature of the Burrs use & required cleaning of them the lifetime of them is about 3-5 months. 

For professional use only.

Please note our e-file bits are of the highest quality, and our cuticle bits are hand milled direct from masters in Russia, not mass produced or poor quality bits from further afield! Try them you wont be disappointed! 

You must hold a relevant E-File qualification for use on public & for insurance purposes, especially e-file bits that are for use on or around the skin require a Russian Manicure qualification so you know the correct speeds, please check with your insurer for use first.

Due to the nature and use and cleaning procedures of these e-file bits they are recommended to be replaced every 1-3 months with medium salon use.

Non returnable product due to hygiene reasons.

For professional use only.

Drill bits for 3/32 Drills, will fit 99% E-File models, if in doubt please ask! All drill bits and files are recommended for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.