Crystal Nails Cool Builder Gel (15ml)

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The non-heating formula, easy to soak off remove version, durable and flexible

Having the same formula as Cool Gel, this is an easy to soak off version, durable and flexible builder gel. Medium density, without burning sensation (low-heat generation), easy to handle. Excellent for salon work because it gives a natural feeling for clients while having them on. Due to the flexibility, they are not fragile, excellent adhesion.

To soak off the whole nail - if you sculpted the nail only from these gels - takes ca. 20 minutes.

We recommend using brushes: 6 Gel brush, Firm Gel brush, Nero Merlo II. brush. Use soak off shine gels on them like Easy Off Top Gel.

Cure time in UV lamp 2-3 minutes. In LED 1-2 minutes. Pinch time in UV lamp 20-25 sec. in LED 10-15 sec.

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